So you welcomed a new puppy into your home? You’ve gotten your puppy a variety of toys, treats, food, bowls, pet beds, etc. You have taken the puppy to the Vet to have their “puppy check ups”. But what are you forgetting…?

Dog Walking Hatfield PAWho will care for the puppy while you are away at work? Most people are generally away from home for up to 9 or more hours a day and a puppy certainly can’t “hold it” for that long! Experts claim that a puppy can hold it for as many hours as the months they are old (i.e. a 3 month old puppy can hold it about 3 hours). If you crate a puppy, that can sometimes increased the length between potty breaks for another hour or two. As a new puppy owner, this leaves you with two options: drive home during your lunchtime to give the puppy a potty break or hire a dog walking service.

Driving home isn’t always a viable option because some people commute a far distance or have a short lunch break. The extra gas and mileage for each drive home starts to add up!

A dog walking / pet sitting service can come to your home and provide your puppy with that much needed potty break. Hiring a dog walker has several advantages including: most dog walkers have a lot of experience with helping puppies learn to potty train. A daily dog walk can also help your puppy socialize and learn to walk well on a leash. Dog walkers can help reinforce other basic training and can make your dog more comfortable with strangers.

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