Cat Sitting Lansdale PAGizmo is a black cat that I adopted over 9 years ago.  He has provided much love and laughter ever since I brought him home.  From the beginning, Gizmo didn’t like standard store-bought cat toys.  I bought him mice, feathered toys and crinkly balls.  I tried feathery sticks, fishing rod toys and cat nip. Gizmo wouldn’t touch any of them…he took one look at them and then turned up his nose. Or he’d play with them for one day and never look at them again!

 One day I accidentally dropped a soda bottle cap, which went rolling down the hall.  Gizmo immediately chased it!  In future days, he actually started bringing the bottle caps back to me so that I could throw them again for him.  I couldn’t believe I had a cat that enjoyed playing fetch!!

That got me to thinking outside the box…I tried all sorts of unusual things for cat toys.  Some ideas worked and some didn’t.  The ones that were successful are: cardboard boxes, paper grocery bags (with the handles cut off for safety) and leaving an empty cabinet open.  Gizmo just loves jumping in and out of these items.  He will lay in wait for me to walk by his hiding spot and then jump out at me.  He also seems to enjoy it when I leave straws or bottle caps in these places.

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money on fancy cat toys. Sometimes kitty’s will love playing with things already laying around your home!

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