There are a lot of pet stores and stores that sell pet-related products in the Hatfield area. Big-box stores, grocery stores, small pet stores and even pet boutiques sell many things that your pet needs. But how do you pick the right one, without have to run all over town?

Dog Walking in Hatfield PAGenerally I find that grocery stores and big box stores do not carry high quality pet food. In fact, most of the pet food they offer is the bottom of the barrel in pet nutrition. Large pet stores offer more variety but are also lacking in quality food. Locally the best pet food stores are Cutters Mill and Pet Valu.

Neither store sells puppies, so that’s a great reason to support them! Both stores also have a huge selection of high quality dog food. At both stores the associates are knowledgeable and helpful! Cutters Mill even has coupons that are frequently emailed to you. We buy our dog’s food from Cutters Mill with a coupon each time and it saves us 20%! That’s a big savings when your dog’s food costs over $60. Both stores also have great selections in dog toys, cat food and cat toys. They also carry hard-to-find items and even some pricey “boutique” items.

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