As your local Hatfield cat sitter, I’m always searching for more fun toys for my 2 cats, Mimi and Monty. I like to surprise them every so often with a new, exciting toy! My cats are very partial to “Yeowww!” brand catnip toys – especially their Yeowww! Stinkies! Yeowww Stinkies are little sardine fish toys that come in an adorable sardine tin. So cute!  “Yeowww!” also makes other fun catnip toys – including toys shaped like bananas, cigars and hearts. I’m not sure if its the type of catnip they use or what, but my cats seem to prefer this brand over any other catnip toy brand. 

Cat-Sitters-PetMost cats also enjoy chasing a laser pointer. They are very cheap at pet stores and can provide tons of fun. A laser pointer can even get an overweight kitty racing around and getting some exercise. Try flicking the laser all around on the floor or up the walls. One of the kitties I care for will even chase it halfway up the wall!

Many cats prefer “free” toys – like a paper bag (with the handles cut off for safety) or an empty box. Some kitties, like my big boy Monty, love trying to fit their body into small boxes! 🙂 Some cats enjoy playing with a straw, ribbon or bottle cap. Just be sure to always monitor that your kitty doesnt try to eat these “free” toys. 

One of my clients showed me a neat idea for a free toy – take an empty large-size tissue box and cut some square-shaped holes in it. Then place some fuzzy fake mice or catnip toys inside and watch your cats have tons of fun trying to get the mouse out!

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