Training your dog with positive reinforcement (i.e. treats) is an excellent idea, but which treat should you choose? There Dog Walking in Lansdale PAare lots of treats on the market and available at your local pet store.

Generally you should pick a small treat. If you constantly reward a dog with large treats, the entire training process will take longer and your dog could be consuming too many calories

A training treat is typically a soft treat. Hard treats take longer to chew and can slow down the process.

Be careful what brand you purchase. Some of the training treats positioned at eye-level in the store can be some of the worst to feed your dog. Read the ingredients and do your research. You don’t want to feed your dog a treat with byproducts, wheat, corn syrup, etc. Zuke’s Mini Naturals or Blue Buffalo treats are great, low calorie and your dog will love them.

For training difficult tasks, sometimes a special treat is in order. String cheese or small bits of lunch meat work great!

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