Cat Sitting in Hatfield PAYou walk into your local pet store looking for some kitty treats and realize there are about 50 different types  – how will you choose? There are soft treats, hard treats, filled treats, dental treats, herbal supplement treats, etc!

My own cats, Monty & Mimi, don’t seem to mind what type or brand of treats I buy. They are never picky when it comes to food or treats. So unfortunately the selection of treats is completely up to me.

I’m not entirely sure if dental treats really work. There is a lot of research on both sides and most conclusive evidence is that dental treats alone wont cure your cat’s dental problems. However – whether they work at cleaning my cats’s teeth or not, whats the harm in trying?

My kitties have 3 different main treats I feed them. Each boasts to have dental benefits.

1.  My kitties love Greenies. They are small and low calorie. Most cats seem to enjoy these treats

The next two treats were recommended by my Vet –

2. CET Chews for Cats – these are larger, fishy smelling treats. Not every cat will love these. In my household, Mimi will not touch these, but Monty thinks they are gold!

3. Prescription Diet T/D – this is actually a dental health cat food, but it may be given as treats instead. Its rather pricey, but you get a very large bag that will last a long time. Both of my cats love these!

To summarize, I prefer to feed my kitties dental treats. I’m not entirely sure if they truly help my cats’ dental health, but as most of us know, brushing a cat’s teeth can be very difficult!

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