It seems like there are endless amounts of information all over the internet regarding pet care. A new pet owner might be a bit overwhelmed at all of the websites claiming to have the best information. Even experienced pet owners often enjoy looking up questions about their pets. As your local Lansdale dog walker, I have personally searched the internet hundreds of times for dog and cat related questions. 

Below I will list the pet-related websites that I have found to be the most useful!

1. Dog Food Advisor: Wow! This website certainly takes the cake! Dog Food Advisor rates every single dog food on the market including dry food, wet food and raw diet. It analyzes the ingredients, percentages of ingredients, number of recalls a pet food company has had, etc. It seems to be the most thorough resource for understand and choosing a dog food. Many consumers will be shocked to see how low their dog food rates!

 2. Dr. Karen Becker: She is a genius Veterinarian who blogs about pet health and wellness. She has very strong and informative views on pet food! You could spend hours reading her insightful blogs and watching her videos! 

3. Chewy: Hands down the best website to order you pet products from! Chewy sells almost everything under the sun for all kinds of pets. Their prices are often astronomically better that what can be found in stores. The have sales you should watch for and all shipping over $50 is free! Talk about the easiest way to purchase your heavy boxes of cat litter – shipped directly to your front doorstep! Everyone that I have referred to Chewy is very impressed with their prices, shipping and customer service!

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