Summer is almost here and your dogs is probably as excited about it as you are! Long, warm, sunny days are around the corner and here are some tips from your Lansdale dog walker to help your dog have the best summer ever!

  • Dog Walks! Take advantage of this beautiful weather and take your pooch for a walk! Its often best to walk yourDog Walker 19446 dog in the early morning or late evening when its not as hot outside and the pavement isn’t 100+ degrees. If you are going for a long walk, its always a good idea to bring along some water for your dog! My dog will drink it straight from a water bottle, but they do make water dispensers specially made for this purpose.
  • Flea & Tick Prevention! Your dog should be on flea and tick medicine year round, but during the summer months it is especially important! The last thing any pet owner wants is a house full of fleas or their pet being diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease. You don’t have to be hiking in the wilderness to be exposed to these pesky bugs! You may find fleas or ticks on your pup after a quick walk around the block. This year is supposed to be an especially bad tick season.
  • Interactive Toys! As I’ve talked about before, interactive toys that keep your dog busy when you are away from home are very important – especially in the summer. Your dog is probably bored at home, wishing she could be playing outside! Peanut butter filled Kongs or treat dispensing toys are great to give your dog something constructive to do! There are also interactive stuffed toys that will keep your pup busy – but they might not be right for our “destroyers” or “strong chewers”.

* You can find a great selection of Kongs for your dog at Cutter’s Mill in Chalfont! 

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