Flowers are always a lovely gift to receive on Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Easter, a Birthday, or any day of the year. They always brighten up a room, and let you know others are thinking of you. But if you are a cat owner, there is one commonly-given flower that could prove fatal to your furry friend. As your local North Wales cat sitter, I wanted to warn you about it!

North Wales Cat SittingThe lily comes in many different species, looks, and colors all of which are poisonous to cats! A cat can get sick from ingesting as little as two leaves of this plant, and without treatment, their symptoms can turn fatal. If you have lilies in or around your home and notice your cat drooling, vomiting, having decreased appetite, having increased urine followed by a lack of urine in the next few days, and having dehydration, then call your vet immediately for they could have been poisoned by the plant.

Certain lilies, such that of the genus Lilium which include tiger lilies, Easter lilies, and Asiatic lilies, are more poisonous than others. These lilies will induce kidney failure in a cat, while some other kinds of lilies may just have an irritant that will cause diarrhea. However, if you have seen your cat eat part of a lily or has any of the symptoms, it is always the safest bet to call the veterinarian! Also keep an eye out for any stray cats in an area with outside planted lilies! They are just as susceptible to lily poisoning as an indoor cat.

~ Written by guest blogger and North Wales cat sitter, Anna J!

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