As your local Lansdale pet sitter, I see that sometimes there is a misconception that cats do not need as much care and attention as dogs. People sometimes think that they can leave their kitties for days with extra food and water and come back to healthy cats. While this is sometimes true, just imagine how lonely your kitty would get. Or imagine all of the things that could go wrong while your kitty is left home alone unattended.

We strive to provide the best kitty care around and here are some of our testimonials to prove it!

Cat Sitter in 19446“I had never had a professional Pet Sitter watch my cats before. But, after I realized that my entire family was going to be on vacation at the same time as me, I needed to find someone professional and reliable to take care of my four cats. Meeting Laura was a dream come true! Laura is incredibly professional and cares for my cats just like I do. After every visit, Laura send me a text message to let me know how the cats were and what she did. In addition, she left a detailed note every day. It gives me such peace of mind to know that my boys get a visitor who not only feeds them, but plays with them and loves them as much as I do. I completely trust Laura, and couldn’t be happier that I met the best pet sitter!” ~ Melanie

“As another reviewer mentioned, I too had never had a professional pet sitter. We are incredibly protective of our cats, and were apprehensive about leaving our “kids” and allowing a stranger into our home. Laura came for an initial consultation, and we agreed to retain her services. She appeared professional, knowledgeable, responsible, and caring. She proved to be all of those things. One of our cats is special needs, and she did a great job accommodating his healthcare. Knowing that she is certified in pet first aid, and is affiliated with professional pet sitter associations really boosted our confidence. She provides excellent communication, sending text updates as often as you wish, and provides detailed notes when you return home. We will continue to have Laura as our exclusive pet sitter, and would highly recommend her to anyone.” ~ Sally

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