When you adopt a pet, it not only enters your home but also your heart.   The love and attention we give our furbaby Pet Sit 19454produces positive benefits to us.  A pet brings many gifts/rewards into our lives. As your local North Wales pet sitter, I feel privileged to meet so many pets that are a daily gift to their parents!

Gifts from our pets:

 1. Health  –  there are many health benefits to owning a pet.  Petting them has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce depression.  Some dogs and cats have been able to detect illness, such as seizures, certain cancers and blood sugar levels.   

2. Connection  –  animals help us connect and interact with others.  Pets help calm and focus children with autism.

3. Support  –  Pets give us love and attention when we are upset, depressed or grieving.  They seem to know when we need their comfort.

4.  Laughter  –  Pets bring laughter and joy.  Laughter heals and it produces lower blood pressure, increases blood flow, and brings stress relief.

5. Security  –  Pets provide us with a sense of security.  Dogs will bark and let us know if something is wrong.  There have been many stories of either dogs or cats waking up their owners if there is a fire in the house.

The biggest gift of all is the joy of companionship.  There is truly nothing better than coming home to a purring kitty or a wagging tail.  My pets have provided me with endless laughter! Everyday, at least one of my furbabies does something hilarious that puts a smile on my face!

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