Summer is in full swing and your summer vacation is quickly approaching. You may have suddenly realized that boarding your kitty may not be the best solution for her needs. You may be considering hiring a cat sitter, but you aren’t sure what exactly a cat sitter does or how the process works. As your local Lansdale cat sitter, I’ll walk you through what a typical cat sitting visit looks like.

  • We will arrive at your home each day (for one or more visits depending on what your kitty needs).  

Cat Sitting Lansdale

  • We will park in your driveway. We will bring in your mail and any packages or newspapers. We will alternate your lights or blinds. We will check your home for anything out of the ordinary.
  • We will greet your kitty with tons of love, affection, and petting
  • We feed your kitty according to your detailed instructions. We will thoroughly wash their bowls. We give fresh water and treats. We will give any oral or topical medications. We check the house for hairballs or any accidents and clean them up following your instructions.
  • We will spend the majority of the visit giving your kitty tons of playtime (with laser pointers and feathery wands) and tons of petting and cheek scratching time!
  • Prior to leaving we check that everything is in order. We make sure all doors are locked and alarms are set.
  • As we leave or later in the day (if you prefer), we send you a text message or email update about how your kitty is doing! We’ll even send pictures if you want to be reminded of your kitty’s face! These updates help give you peace of mind that everything is going well and that your pet is happy and healthy!

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