Summer is finally upon us, and you might be planning your next vacation.  If you are considering hiring a Lansdale pet sitter to care for your precious pooch, you may be wondering what a pet sitting visit actually involves. As your local Lansdale pet sitter, I’ll walk you through the process of a typical pet sitting visit.

  • We will arrive at your home during the time frame of your choosing.  pet sitting in Lansdale
  • We park in your driveway. We bring in your mail, we’ll bring up your trashcans, close and open your blinds, etc. This gives your home a “lived in” look and provides extra security.
  • We greet your pets with tons of love and affection
  • We take your dog right outside on a long walk or out to the back yard for playtime.
  • We feed your dog according to your detailed instructions. We wash their bowls, give fresh water, treats and medications. We make sure there are no accidents and that the house is in order.
  • We try to spend the majority of the visit showering your pet with love and affection. We make sure they get enough playtime!
  • Finally, we check that everything is in order, all doors are locked, and alarms are set.
  • As we leave, we’ll send you a text message update or an email update. These updates help give you peace of mind that everything is going well and that your pet is happy and healthy!

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