As a local Lansdale dog walker and pet sitter, I have used all kinds of harnesses and leashes over my years of experience. My favorite harness is the “Easy Walk” Harness. This is a harness designed to help a dog stop pulling on walks. I think this design is easy to navigate and works extremely well on those stubborn pullers.

Here are a few of the benefits of the Easy Walk Harness:

  • The Easy Walk Harness has the unique style of clipping the leash to the front of
    the harness
    , rather than the back. This keeps a dog from what we call “sled-dogging it.” They no longer feel like they are pulling something along with them when they get to the end of the leash. This also means that when the dog begins to pull, the clip and leash will push against a dog’s chest. This is a natural “stop” motion on a dog and will keep them from trying to push through the feeling. 
  • The harness is color coded! There are three parts to the harness. There are
    two (same color) sections that going Retriever over the dog’s head. The last piece is always a different color and it clips under the dogs front legs. This makes it easy to see which direction the harness goes on without any confusion. Just make sure the clip for the leash is in the front!
  • Can be put on a few ways. This harness can be put on either over the head, or step through with the legs. This is ideal for dogs who have trouble letting their owners put things around their head, or for dogs who have trouble navigating their legs through harnesses .
  • For those really stubborn pullers, it is an ideal harness to mix with the Gentle Leader. The Gentle Leader is a harness that goes over the dog’s muzzle and around the face. This harness is clipped under the muzzle to the leash which is convenient to double clip with the Easy Walk Harness for extra pulling protection.

The Easy Walk Harness is available at most pet stores. Check it out at for the cheapest prices!   For more dog-related information, follow us on Facebook! Or check out our other favorite dog walking accessories here!

~Written by guest blogger and Lansdale dog walker, Anna J!