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Whiskers in his green sweater

In the spirit of Halloween, what better time than to share stories about this Lansdale cat sitter’s first kitty, Whiskers (aka Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). Growing up, Whiskers was my first family pet. He was a solid black cat with a monstrous personality. I remember this cat hiding under chairs waiting for somebody to walk by so he could pounce and chew at our ankles. Everyone who passed through our house slid around with their backs up against the wall in fear of the little shark.

This kitty showed loyalty to one person in our house—my mom—and no one else. Perhaps it had something to do with the butchered haircut I gave him when I was 5, or because of the afternoons my sister and I guided/dragged him out for walks dressed in his green sweater. Either way, we knew one thing for sure: Whiskers was deemed possessed. Although blessed with a sleek and beautiful coat, Whiskers embodied the qualities of  a ghoulish soul. Once, I held him in my arms giving a big hug; but, instead of returning love back, the vampire ended up piercing my ear with his fangs. 

Now, the warm and fuzzy moral of my story recognizes that every pet, no matter how crazy, is truly lovable. The silver lining regarding my demonic cat was that during the night he showed such sweetness and care. On the nights where I would awake from terrifying nightmares, Whiskers would snuggle next to me and purr away until I fell back asleep. The days where I had strep throat or the flu and stayed in bed, Whiskers curled up on my blanket as if his love were the perfect dose of medicine I needed to recuperate. Although Whiskers only displayed his affection during these dark and dreary hours of the night, they were the times I needed compassion the most.

Dogs may be called “man’s best friend” but cats are truly extraordinary. My cat seemed to have the sixth sense of forewarning—not seeing dead people. It’s that animal instinct of intuition that make our furry ones even more  special to us. Even if you own or have encountered a finicky cat or dog, know that all are capable of showing love and deserve even more back!

~ Written by Lansdale Cat Sitter. Jenny B!

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