Pet owners are always looking for a new toy or treat to show their pet much they love them.  With Christmas and the Pet sitting 19454holiday season upon us, as your local North Wales pet sitter, I’d like to suggest some different ideas for gifts.

1. New food and water bowls  –  buy stainless steel or porcelain bowls.  Plastic bowls can crack and cause skin reactions in some pets.

2. Grooming brushes – dogs and cats generally like to be brushed.  This is a wonderful way to bond with your pets! It will also cut down on shedding.

3. Toothbrushes and pet toothpaste  –  buy ones made specifically for animals. Providing good dental care prevents periodontal disease.    Never give pets human toothpaste as it is harmful to them.

4. Car seat / seatbelt  –  car/travel safety is important for your pets.  If your furry friend isnt buckled in and you slam on your brakes, the dog will fly forward and be injured.

5. Veterinary care  –  checkups for your pet are vital to its health and longevity.

Our most important gifts to our pets are the same things that we as humans want and need.  These are love, shelter, food and security. Even if we cannot afford to buy our pet fancy or expensive toys and accessories – providing your pet with love and a warm home is all they really need!

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