Pet Sitting in Lansdale, PANo matter how careful we are as pet owners, bad things can happen!  We do our best to love and protect our fur-kids but sometimes things can happen that are out of our control and our pets can escape! Your cat can escape through an open window, your dog can escape our fenced-in yard or worst of all a natural disaster can separate you from your pet! Once we have realized our furbaby is missing, we often panic and its difficult to think clearly! As you local Lansdale Pet Sitter, I’ve compiled a list of steps that can help you in this difficult, stressful time!

Steps to take if your pet is missing:

1. Search your house and neighborhood – many pets are found near to your home. (Cats often just hide in garages, sheds or under bushes.)

2. Put out food and water which could lure your pet home.

3. Talk to neighbors – ask them to check their garages, sheds and yards

4. Walk the same route that you and your dog usually take.  Take a leash and treats with you.

5. If your dog has a favorite ball or toy take it along with you.

6. Call local animal shelters and rescue groups.

7. Call local veterinarians and any emergency veterinary hospitals.

8. Put up flyers.  List your phone number and a current photo of your pet.

9. Check your local newspaper – some have lost pet /found pet section.

10. Check Craigslist for found pet or post an ad on Craigslist about your missing pet

11. Post information on your Facebook page, have your friends share it.

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