Dog Walking LansdaleOne of the most common types of leashes dog owners use is a retractable leash. Almost every dog that passes this Lansdale Dog Walker on the street is attached to one! There are a lot of benefits to using a retractable leash. Your dog has more room to walk and explore. You don’t have to follow your dog into every bush or patch of trees they’d like to explore. But there are far more deterrents to using this type of “convenient” leash!

The very thing that makes these leashes so easy and convenient – the easily retracting feature is also the scariest feature. This type of leash can pose danger to the dog, the owner and other pets and people in the area. One of the main reasons the retractable leash has come under so much criticism is because its very easy for the pet parent to lose control of their dog. Only a properly leash trained dog should wear a retractable leash. If your dog isnt the best listener or breaks off into a high speed chase after squirrels, this leash isnt for you! 

Dangers for the dog:

  • Fatal injuries: Its much easier to lose control of a quickly darting pup on a retractable leash. If your pup suddenly dashes into the street chasing a squirrel and a car is coming – its much harder to reel them in, than with a regular leash!
  • Using the wrong size leash: If you are using a retractable leash strong enough for a Yorkie on your 80 lb Lab, you might run into problems! The leash could potentially rip right out of the retracting mechanism, or the dogs collar could snap off!
  • Tangling: A dog could easily get tangled up around the legs or neck if the leash is too slack. Your dog could also easily tangle the leash around themselves and a tree or post.
  • Issues with other dogs: In crowds or busy areas, your pup has a greater ability to interact with other dogs and people when wearing a retractable leash.

Dangers for Owners:

  • Leash Burn: If your dog runs too fast around you and the cord catches your skin, you are in for a nasty leash burn.
  • Snap Back Injuries: If the leash should come free of the collar, or if the collar snaps or breaks off of the dog, the leash has no choice but to quickly retract back into the holder – even if your hand or face is in the way! Many owners have been hurt by the leash snapping back into their face!

While some retractable leashes are appropriate for some type of dogs, its often better to steer clear of this potential hazard! Regular nylon leashes rarely have issues and are just as easy and simple to use! 

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