Calendar.As your local Lansdale pet sitter, I am often asked when our clients should book their pet sitting services. I think the answer can vary a bit from pet sitter to pet sitter. As a general rule, booking your pet sitter early is a wise idea! If you are vacationing over a holiday, booking very early (3 weeks in advance) is a must! Holiday or not, waiting until the last minute is never a good idea. Even your pet sitter that you’ve loved for years might not be able to fit your furbabies in if you wait till the day before you leave!

  • If you use a solo pet sitter, chances are that they fill up very quickly because its just them! One single person can only fit so many visits into their schedule each day.
  • If your pet sitting company is medium sized, you probably have a bit more leniency. A pet sitting company that employs several people will certainly be able to take on more clients and visits. During holidays, weekends and over the summer, a medium sized company will always be booked up ahead of time.
  • If you use a very large pet sitting company, chances are they will almost always be able to fit your furbabies into their schedule. Companies with 20+ sitters can handle a huge amount of business. However – over a holiday or if you require a specific sitter – book early!

Most people plan vacations months in advance. Its probably best to also book your pet sitter at that time! Pet sitters often can schedule visits months in advance, so there’s no harm in booking very early! If you wait till the last minute – especially during the holidays – your furry friends might be without their favorite sitter!

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