At first glance at a cat water fountain you might be turned away. Generally they are a bit pricey ($50-$90) and they certainly cost more than just filling a bowl with water. However, there are a lot of benefits to using a water fountain for your kitties.

Cat Sitter in Hatfield PAMost kitties do not drink enough. Cats just don’t seem to have the same desire to drink water that dogs do. Cats often love a slow steady stream of running water, so the fountain will encourage them to drink more. Drinking more leads to better health, especially in urinary infection prone kitties.

Water fountains also keep the water cleaner. The water is continuously circulated and runs through a filter, keeping it cleaner than water that just sits around in a bowl all day.

Water fountains also store a fair amount of water, so you do not need to fill it and wash it daily, like you would with a bowl. You may find you only need to clean the water fountain once or twice weekly, especially if you use distilled water.

There are many types of cat water fountains for sale at your local pet store. The size and shape depends on your needs. The “Petmate Fresh Flow” is our household favorite! It holds a large amount of water, its very quiet and small enough to clean easily!

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