As your local Lansdale pet sitter, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with a lot of pet owners that are looking for a pet sitter! Often these pet parents are interviewing multiple pet care companies to find the right one for their furry friend. When a prospective client ends up choosing PURRfect Pet Companion, they often will tell me why they chose us. More often than not, one of the reasons is our state of the art, online scheduling system.

We use LeashTime, a scheduling system created specifically for pet sitters! There are numerous benefits that come with having a scheduling system, but I’ll detail the most important ones below! Pet Sitter 19446

1. Everything is online! This means no need for tons of paperwork! We have all of our pets information online on a secure server, rather than having to carry around tons of papers and files!

2. Never missing a visit! Both myself and my sitters get a daily email of our schedule! We can also log in from anywhere – even our phones – to double check our schedules!

3. No forgetting important details! We can access all pet information from our phones through LeashTime! That way if a pet’s routine or other important details have changed since our last visit, we can quickly and easily access their file online!

There are many reasons why your pet sitter should have a scheduling system! I have detailed several of the reasons why your Lansdale pet sitter and their clients love the scheduling system!

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