We have been asked before why we do not list our prices on our website. The answer to this question is simple: because we aren’t a “big box” store, we aren’t “one size fits all”… we are a quality, customized pet service provider!

When you walk into a pet store for example, you know exactly what you are looking for. You walk to the aisle your product is located in, check the price of the item and purchase it. Using a pet sitting company is a bit different…

Pet Sitting in LansdaleWe don’t have a “one size fits all” pricing system. Not all families fit into “one size fits all” and we do not operate by this mentality. We do not sell just one particular product just one particular way and I don’t think our clients would appreciate that either.

Here at PURRfect Pet Companion, we offer a variety of services customized to your household and furbabies’ needs! We offer quality care to all of the pets in your household. You will be assured that your babies are following the same daily routine and getting the same loving care! Together with our clients, we construct a package based on your pets’ individual needs. We can administer medication, follow precise and complex feeding routines and even add extra time for pets that need a bit more time and attention! Every pet is different and we strive to provide each pet with exactly what they need!

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