Cat Sitting Service in Hatfield PA

A cat tree is a free standing “tree” of perches for your kitty to sit on. Cat trees come in a variety of size, shapes and colors. Some have different features and toys attached. Cat trees can vary in price from $40 up to almost $1000. The price difference depends on the amount of levels and features the tree has.

Most cats really enjoy climbing and being up high. Kitties often love looking down at the world from above! In my home, my shy kitty loves being on the top perch where my dog cannot reach her! Cat trees often have a built in scratching post or two, which as I mentioned in a previous articles – every cat needs a scratching post!

The less expensive cat trees often have just one perch for a kitty to lay on, and they are generally shorter (maybe knee-high). Mid-range cat trees often are 5 feet tall and offer 2-3 perches and scratching posts. High priced cat trees have 4-5 levels of perches and sometimes have ladders and other neat options!

I’ve even seen cat trees designed to look like real trees! They also make cat trees with a more modern feel, if the regular design doesn’t match your home’s décor.

Whatever your budget or square footage, there is a cat tree out there for you! Do your research – search local pet stores and online! You are sure to find the perfect one for your favorite feline!

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