Pet Sitting in Lansdale PASo you are thinking of going on vacation and need someone to watch your pets? You’ve decided you would rather your furbabies stay in the comfort of their own home, but you aren’t sure who should pet sit them? You have two main choices: the neighborhood kid or a professional pet sitting company.

The neighborhood kid certainly costs a lot less, but there are several reasons why!

  • That neighborhood kid isn’t bonded or insured for your home and pet’s protection. If they leave the backdoor unlocked or your dog escapes, they are not covered! If something in your home goes missing, they are not covered!
  • Pet sitting is not the neighbor’s profession. They will not take it as seriously, nor put as much time, attention and love into the process!
  • The kid next door probably doesn’t have as much experience as a pet sitting company. Pet Sitters spend all day, every day with pets and have learned how to deal with most situations!

So in the end, YES professional pet sitters do cost more! But for good reason!

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