I often hear both clients and friends express concern for their kitties’ litterbox habits. It’s a fact that not all kitties enjoy using the litterbox as often as we’d like. There are a variety of factors that impact whether your cat will faithfully use their box.

Sometimes kitties stop using the litterbox for medical reasons. This can be very serious and should always be checkedCat Sitting in North Wales PS out by a Vet. Years ago, my kitty Monty came into my bedroom and started to urinate in the corner. This was out of the ordinary for him, so I was quite concerned. After a Vet examination it turned out that Monty had a urinary infection. These infections can quickly lead to “blockage” which can be fatal within 24 hours!

If your kitty’s not using the litterbox and they’ve already been checked out by a Vet, here are some simple tips to help encourage them to eliminate in their box:

  1. Always be sure the litter is scooped daily. Most cats do not enjoy standing in their own excrement.
  2. Try a different brand, scent or texture of litter. Some kitties prefer clumping unscented litter.
  3. Try removing the hood from the litterbox. Cats have an excellent sense of smell and sometimes do not enjoy the smells trapped in the box by the hood or cover.
  4. Get more litterboxes. Vets recommend having one litterbox per cat plus one extra. 3 cats means 4 litterboxes!
  5. Move the litterbox. If the litterbox is in an area where your kitty doesn’t feel safe, they wont use it. That means placing it away from washers, dryers, and sometimes out of reach of other pets.

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