You are the proud owner of one adult, house-trained dog. You might think to yourself, “Daisy can hold it the 8 hours I’m gone each day, why would I need a dog walker?” Well just because Daisy can hold it all day, doesn’t mean she should have to! A dog walker is also great at conditioning your dog to walk well on a leash. A dog walker entering your home each day will accustom your dog to the presence of strangers and give your dog good mid-day exercise.

Another reason we are hired for dog walks is that some owners just want to make sure their dog is receiving enough love and care during the day. One of the dogs we visit daily, Jessie, wants to spend the whole visit receiving belly rubs, back scratches and kisses. She could “hold it” for the hours her Mom is gone, but without a daily visit she would be lonely and bored all day!

Heres what her Mom had to say about us:

“I have been using Purrfect Pet Companion now for several months and have received excellent service. Laura is extremely professional and her love of animals and dedication to her profession are very evident in her day to day activities. My dog LOVES having Laura come visit her every day, allowing her to stretch her legs, get outside, and best of all, get hugs and kisses! Knowing that my baby has been visited during the day while I’m at work has been a huge stress relief. Thank you Laura!”

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