Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services

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PURRfect Pet Companion offers daily dog walking and vacation pet sitting in the Lansdale / Hatfield area. Whether you need a dog walker for some midday exercise while you’re at work, or a cat sitter to spoil your kitties while you are on vacation – we’ve got you covered. Signing up is easy – fill out our contact form and get signed up today!


Prices start at $18 per walk
(15-20 minute or 30 minute visits)

Weekdays can be lonely for your dog. While you’re at work, you can make sure that your dog gets a much-needed potty break and one-on-one attention from their favorite PURRfect Pet Companion.

Your dog will look forward to their daily dog walk. They’ll get exercise and mental stimulation from a walk that revolves around their needs, whether they like to jog to let off some steam, or they prefer to sniff every tree, light pole, and fire hydrant they see.

Once we circle back home, your dog will get fresh, clean water and a treat.

Happy and relaxed, your dog will feel much better about waiting for you to come home. A good walk and some company can relieve the stress many dogs experience when left home alone, and can even result in fewer stress-related behaviors like destructive chewing. A walked dog is a good dog!


Prices start at $22 per visit

When you’re out of town, leave your cat’s care to us. Enjoy your trip with peace of mind. When you return, your home will be just as you left it.

Each day, we’ll clean your cat’s litter box, wash and top off their food and water bowls, and spend quality time with your four-legged family member.

Your cat decides what’s next on the itinerary. Whether they’re in the mood for playtime, brushing, or just need a lap to snuggle up on, we’ll be there to satisfy your cat’s every craving.

Our cat sitting services also include basic house-sitting duties, such as watering your plants, bringing in mail, and taking care of anything else to keep your house up and running while you’re away. Our services can be customized to meet your needs.

Wish your cat could text you back? Updates from your PURRfect Pet Companion are the next best thing. We’ll send you daily updates and cute photos so you know what your kitty has been up to while you’ve been gone.


Prices start at $22 per visit

Let PURRfect Pet Companion take care of your pets while you are away! We will follow the same routine and schedule to keep your furry friend feeling happy and healthy in their own home! You may choose the visit length that works best for your furbaby – either 20, 30, 45, or 60 minutes in length.

This service includes:

  • Fresh Water, Food, Treats
  • Exercise Walks or Potty Break
  • Play Time
  • Litter Box Scooping
  • Brushing / Light Grooming
  • Lots of Love, Petting & Affection


Contact us if you’re ready to get started or if you have questions.


We will come to your home and meet with you and your pets! We can set up and discuss what services or packages would best meet your pet’s needs. Detailed notes will be taken about your pets daily routine and care. The consultation is approximately 30 minutes in length.


Our complimentary services are available as part of our vacation pet sitting services. 

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Daily updates & pictures!


Bring in the mail!

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Water your plants!

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Take out the trash!

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