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Our mission is to give you and your pets the best service possible, and we think our professionalism and care shows each time we visit someone’s much-loved pet.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Read what some of our clients have to say about our pet sitting and dog walking services.

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I’m using her services again

I needed someone to feed my 14 year old scaredy cat for 5 days and my vet referred Laura. She came for the initial consultation and talked to me for an hour! She is nurturing and caring and I felt so much better leaving my boy alone. I told her she may never even see Eric since it takes him a long time to trust strangers… She sent me a pic the first day, petting him! She told me she was Dr Doolittle and I’m now a believer. I also asked Laura to come an extra day with no notice and she was more than happy to accommodate me… Her daily texts were appreciated. I’m using her services again in a couple of weeks and I’m completely comfortable and confident leaving my boy with her.

~ Mindy

Laura gets an A+++++!

WOW! I am so pleased with this service! Laura is completely professional and completely loving! She came to visit with us before we went away, my dog instantly loved her and so did I. She listened carefully to all of my instructions and took great notes for herself, she had all of her paperwork in order and was ready and able to handle any situation. When I got back, she had left notes for each visit, the house was in prefect order and my dog was happy and well cared for. Laura gets an A+++++!

~ Theresa

plan on being a repeat customer

We were definitely looking for an alternative to boarding for our cat, Adam. He is not comfortable outside of the home so when we heard about the services of PURRfect Pet Companion we knew it would be right for Adam. Laura came to our place for a consultation and was very professional. We were going away for Christmas and weren’t going to make Laura visit on Christmas day, but she insisted that someone be there for Adam every day while we we gone including Christmas day. I appreciated the dedication. Laura is obviously passionate about animal care. I would definitely recommend PURRfect Pet Companion to anyone who doesn’t want to send their pet to a kennel and plan on being a repeat customer.

~ Johnny

I would strongly recommend PURRfect Pet Companion

I recently returned from a 10 day vacation and Laura took wonderful care of my 4 cats. They were happy when I returned home and showed absolutely no signs of stress. I was able to enjoy my time away knowing they were in excellent hands. I would strongly recommend PURRfect Pet Companion to anyone who needs a pet sitter. I am already planning my next trip knowing my babies will be well cared for. Thank you Laura!

~ L.M.

I definitely recommend Purrfect Pet Companion

Our dogs really enjoy when Laura comes to take care of them when we are busy at work or gone for the weekend. They are happy and well-exercised when we get home. It is really convenient to be able to leave them home instead of the stress of taking them to a kennel, and we know they are getting a lot of wonderful attention and love. There are very detailed notes to read when we return, and its nice to have someone checking on our house as well for safety. I definitely recommend Purrfect Pet Companion as a great alternative to the traditional boarding.

~ Meg

Laura went above and beyond

Laura took excellent care of our dog and dumbo rat. She spent some extra time with our dog soon after we left for our trip to make her feel more at ease. Laura went above and beyond by getting our dog her comfort food (turkey and cheese) when she was not eating her regular food. She sent text updates every day and left concise notes about each visit. We came home to a happy dog and rat. Thank you Laura for taking such good care of Coco and Squeaky.

~ Leyla

highly recommend

As another reviewer mentioned, I too had never had a professional pet sitter. We are incredibly protective of our cats, and were apprehensive about leaving our “kids” and allowing a stranger into our home. Laura came for an initial consultation, and we agreed to retain her services. She appeared professional, knowledgeable, responsible, and caring. She proved to be all of those things. One of our cats is special needs, and she did a great job accommodating his healthcare. Knowing that she is certified in pet first aid, and is affiliated with professional pet sitter associations really boosted our confidence. She provides excellent communication, sending text updates as often as you wish, and provides detailed notes when you return home. We will continue to have Laura as our exclusive pet sitter, and would highly recommend her to anyone.

~ Sally

very very happy with the care my cats received,

I just got home from a long weekend vacation, and am happy to say that Laura from Purrfect Pet Companion took great care of my 5 cats! They are all healthy and happy, and contented at being able to remain in their own home while I was traveling! They tell me that Laura gave them lots of love while I was away, too. I will continue to use the services of Purrfect Pet Companion, and am very very happy with the care my cats received, and the little extras (getting mail, taking in my trash can) that Laura provided. Thanks!!

~ Wendi

Laura is the best with my dogs.

Laura is the best with my dogs. I wish I can take her with me to Florida when I move. Wingman and Buddy love her. Laura always texts me when she is watching them. I am so glad because when am away I know my babys are being taken care of the way I take care of them.

~ Carmen

couldn’t be happier

We use Laura as our pet sitter and my girlfriend and I couldn’t be happier with what she does. We get reports of each day of what she did when she comes over and how our puppy was. I also really enjoyed the first meeting with Laura and she showed us how professional she is. I would recommend her services to anyone needing pet sitting.

~ Louis C.

We highly recommend Laura at Purrfect Pet Companion!!!!!

I was very impressed with our consultation with Laura. Right from the beginning her professionalism was beyond outstanding. She was very organized and detail oriented. We could tell that she truly cared about animals as she sat on the floor with our dog offering tons of attention and love. We knew Laura was the pet sitter that our dog needed. Laura gave progress notes each time she visited our dog keeping us updated what they did that day. Laura is always very good with communicating with us and very flexible if we have a schedule change. We were so happy when we found Laura as our pet sitter and know that our dog is getting the best care! We highly recommend Laura at Purrfect Pet Companion!!!!!

~ George A.

I could not be happier

I am not usually one to write a review about a product or service. Laura at Purrfect Pet Companion has been walking my two bulldogs, (Pudge and Pickles) every weekday for about 5 months and I could not be happier with her service. Pudge was never good on a leash, but I have seen improvement now that he is walking every day with Laura. She communicates any concerns for the dogs and leaves daily notes about her visit. She is organized and really cares about my dogs.

~ Angela

I would recommend PURRfect Pet Companion

I have used PURRfect Pet Companion several times to care for my 2 beagles and cat. They love Laura and she does an excellent job in caring for them and in communicating with me after each visit. I would recommend PURRfect Pet Companion to anyone who’s looking for a pet sitter.

~ Lara

It was perfect.

I cannot say enough good things about Laura. She is 100% professional and went way beyond the basics of feeding and walking the dog when we were away. She took the time to get to know us, our dog, and everything she would need on the first visit. Showed us all her professional papers and made us feel very comfortable. When we came home we had a detailed report and on top of that she took in a package we had and took in our garbage can. Our dog was healthy and happy. There is nothing more I could ask for. It was perfect.

~ Alan

I recommend Laura’s PURRfect Pet Companion without hesitation

I have a 5 month old puppy, and was looking for someone to come to my house during the day to care for him while I was at work, offering reliable, loving care, and especially having understanding of the special needs of a puppy with lots of energy and still learning to be housebroken. I found Laura’s PURRfect Pet Companion business card at a local pet supply store along with several others offering pet sitting services. I checked each one out online, and PURRfect Pet Companion was far and away the most professional and complete. When Laura arrived my puppy was so excited…he immediately took to her, and she to him. It is obvious that she loves animals, and her credentials are impeccable. Laura gives my puppy lots of love and attention during her visits, and even works with him to practice all that he is learning at obedience class. I love that she texts me after each visit to let me know how things went, and leaves a professional checklist/report each day, detailing her activity with my puppy.

I recommend Laura’s PURRfect Pet Companion without hesitation to anyone that loves their pet(s) and is looking for someone to love them equally as much whenever they must be away from home.

~ J. M.

I never worry for a minute

When my youngest daughter went off to college, I realized I would need to find a reliable pet sitter to help with our small menagerie of 4 cats and 2 dogs. I found Laura and Purrfect Pet and it has been a pleasure working with her for the last 3 years. My pets all love her and her staff and I never worry for a minute when I have to go away on business or vacation. She is thorough, loving and we love the texts and notes we get updating us on our furbabies while we are away. I highly recommend Purrfect Pet Companion with 100% confidence to anyone who needs a pet sitter!

~ Diane

What peace of mind I have

My daughter decided to get this adorable puppy and then she started working 2 jobs. I was in panic mode. I found Laura by searching the internet and she came the next day to meet me and Meatball. She was a lifesaver! She works around our hectic schedules and we are so grateful to have her take care of Meatball. What peace of mind I have knowing Meatball is not alone all day and Laura works with him on his potty training, walking on a leash and social skills.

~ Liz H.

a GREAT pet sitting service

Purrfect Pet Companion is a GREAT pet sitting service. This was the first one I had ever used, but I am SO happy that I actually did follow through. Purrfect Pet Companion is an extremely professionally run service, and I have never yet been disappointed with either the service or the flexibility that I get. My schedule is ever changing due to work and the service has always been accommodating, and helping me out when I have needed a last minute sitter. I would recommend this service to anyone looking for a pet sitter, and only expects the highest of service and attention to detail.

~ Dan G.

reliable and caring

We have been using Laura’s services, Purrfect Pet Companion for a few years now and she is great. Our 11 year old lab needs extra care and attention and Laura provides that. In the past we have used other pet sitting services and have not found them as reliable and caring as Laura. She is very flexible and accommodates last minute changes. We feel at ease when we are away knowing Laura will be taking care of our furry family member, I would recommend her to anyone in need of her services.

~ Eric D.

My boys were very well cared for

We use PURRfect Pet Companion while on vacation. Laura was very thorough in her initial visit taking notes on all of our boys needs. While on vacation we got a text about how the boys were doing each day. Upon arriving home, we had very detailed notes about what was done during each visit. My boys were very well cared for and I believe one even lost weight because of all the walks. I would recommend PURRfect Pet Companion to anyone looking for ‘peace of mind’ while away from their animals. Thanks Laura for treating my boys like your own.

~ Sean S.

so caring and go above and beyond

Laura & her staff have been caring for our dog since we got her at 10 weeks old and she is almost 1 now! We can’t say better things about Laura and her staff- they are so caring and go above and beyond for our dog! They are always available at the last minute and make sure to text updates after they come to walk. We would highly recommend them for your pets!!!

~ Laura B.

highly recommend PURRfect Pet Companion

I have used PURRfect Pet Companion for my dog, Mojo, for almost two years now. Laura and her team are always kind, caring professionals who make sure Mojo has a great day if I can’t be home with him. They leave detailed notes of their wonderful visits, and are flexible and understanding if scheduling changes arise. I would highly recommend PURRfect Pet Companion to anyone in need of pet care.

~ Natalie D.

a dream come true!

I had never had a professional Pet Sitter watch my cats before. But after realizing that my entire family was going to be on vacation at the same time as me, I needed to find someone professional & reliable to take care of my 4 cats. Meeting Laura was a dream come true! She is incredibly professional and cares for my cats just like I do. After every visit, Laura send me a text message to let me know how the cats were and what she did. She also leaves a detailed note every day. It gives me such peace of mind to know that my boys get a visitor who not only feeds them, but plays with them and loves them as much as I do. I completely trust Laura, and couldn’t be happier that I met the best pet sitter!

~ Melanie S.

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