North Wales pet sitterAs your local North Wales pet sitter, I have encountered all kinds of interesting or messy situations over the years.  Many of these minor situations could have easily been remedied if I had simply asked about them at the initial consultation with the client. I’m continually adding to our New Client Forms and the questions I ask at meetings, but sometimes a few trivial details like these can slip through the cracks.

To make life easier on your pet sitter or dog walker, consider letting them know some of these easily overlooked details:

1.The location of towels / rags. You have no idea how many times we come inside from a walk on a rainy day and cannot find a towel to dry off Fido anywhere!  Then as we search for a towel of some kind (paper towel, dish towel), Fido can no longer contain his excitement of being out of the rain and happily runs around, putting muddy foot prints all over the white rugs!

2. If your dog has a favorite “potty spot”. Some dogs will relieve themselves just about anywhere in their backyard or on a walk. Other dogs are very particular about where they will potty. If there is a certain area that Fido likes to go #2 at, always let your pet sitter know! 

3. If your dog needs to hear certain key “potty words”. Some dogs need a little verbal encouragement to potty during their time outside. These key words  can differ greatly from household to household. Many dogs are familiar with “go potty” while others may be trained to “do your business”. There are so many variations that your pet sitter may not know the correct one!

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