GREYHOUNDWinter has finally arrived and with it comes the cold, blustery weather! The snow and wind make us cozy up by the fire, drinking hot drinks with our slippers on. Our pets already have on their naturally warm fur coats, but as responsible pet owners – we can help make their winter a bit more bearable! 

What are some cold weather accessories for our furkids?

For your canine companions

1. A sweater! Sweaters are great to help preserve body heat. Its unlikely that a long haired breed like a German Shepherd would need a sweater, but sweaters are great for short haired breeds! Weimaraners, Pit Bulls, English Bulldogs, Rottweilers – any breed with short or thin hair could benefit from a sweater on cold winter nights!

2. Booties! While they may look ridiculous, doggie booties can certainly be useful in the snow. Many dogs do not love putting their paws into freezing cold snow. Or you may prefer your dog wear booties to avoid the jagged icy, salt-covered sidewalk. It may take some time for Fido to get used to the boots, but they will certainly make him more comfortable!

3. A Winter Coat! Just because its cold outside, doesn’t mean your dog no longer wants to go for walks! Pop in to any local pet store and you’ll find winter coats in every size and material. They come in every color and at every budget level!

4. Paw Protectant Balm! A waxy balm that is rubbed into your dogs paws to help protect them against the irritants of winter. Salt, ice and freezing temps can damage your furry friend’s paw pads. Paw balm also helps moisturize and soothe their paws after a long walk.

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