19440 Dog

I had originally set out to write a blog on a day in the life of Alley (my dog). I thought this would be an easy task considering she has been my wonderful companion for the past three years. But as I sat down to write I realized that Alley doesnt do a whole lot each day – certainly not enough to fill an entire blog post! Alley is only interested in a few main things…

Eating! I think for any dog, this might be the most exciting and important thing for them each day. It doesnt matter whether its her breakfast, dinner, treats or peanut butter Kongs – anytime where eating is involved happens to be her favorite time!

Sleeping! Before owning a dog, I thought it was cats that slept all the time. I had no idea that dogs sleep almost as much as cats. Alley gets up in the morning to do her “business”, then eats her breakfast and refuses to do anything else until she gets a good nap in! She naps while my husband and I are at work, and then naps again before bedtime!

Pet Sitter in Hatfield PAWalks and Outdoors time! Whether she is sniffing around her backyard or going for a long walk, Alley is happy! She loves chasing the deer along our fence, chasing squirrels out of the yard, or just running around the perimeter of her yard. As if something important has changed since the last time she was out!

Playtime! Alley can never get enough playtime. Fetch is a never ending game we must play every night. After she has finally tired from fetch, she will chew her Nylabones for the rest of the evening. Or if Nylabones arent appealing that night, she’ll just squeeze her ball in her mouth for hours!

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