A  Day in the Life of GizmoPet Sitting in North Wales PA

This is a usual day in the life of my lovable furbaby, Gizmo.

6 AM:   Time to start waking up Mom!  First I knock the window blinds several times until she turns over and tells me to stop.  Good beginning.. but I’m only getting started!  Then I jump up on the dresser and push around the alarm clock.  No movement so I go to the hamper and proceed to paw at it.  Mom tells me to stop …if she’d just get up there would be no problem!

7 AM:  Go out to kitchen and stare at my empty bowl.  I’m not really hungry but I can’t let Mom know that!  So back to the bedroom to start my wake up activities again.  Mom raises her voice at me but I know she loves me.

8 AM:  My last tactic is to go into the bathroom and meow as loud as I can.  Plus the bathroom has great sound acoustics which make my voice sound even louder.  Finally Mom is up!  My job is done!  Mom puts dry food into my bowl so I make her happy by going and eating several bites.

9 AM:  Mom puts wet food into my other bowl now.  But I will take my time before I go and check it out.  I need to go to each window and check out our yard.  When I’m done with this job, I go over to try my wet food.  Sometimes I eat a bite or two but usually I stick up my nose and walk away.

10 AM – 5 PM:  The majority of my day is busy.  I spend a great deal of time grooming myself.  I have a gorgeous long black coat, which takes a lot of care and attention.  Then I lay down in the sun to meditate and calm myself since my “wake up Mom” procedure is stressful.  During the rest of the day, I vary my routine by sitting on the window sills to check out my neighbors and keep watch over our property or checking my bowls to see if anything new has appeared.   I do doze off occasionally because it is hard to stay vigilant constantly.

6 PM:  Dinner time.  But I must not act too excited about whatever wet food Mom puts out.

Evening:   I spend most of evening grooming myself and getting Mom to pet me.  I especially love to sit in her lap.   Sometimes I will play with a paper bag, a straw or the mouse under cover toy.  I look forward to when Mom pulls out her knitting because I either crawl into the knitting bag and lay on top of the yard or force my way onto her lap so that she can’t knit. 

11 PM:  I race up and down the hall!  The wooden floors make lots of creaking noises when I do this!  I also like to jump into and out of either a paper bag or a box.

Bedtime: I usually beat Mom to bed.  So when she finally gets into bed, I make a very loud sigh to let her know that she is disturbing me.  As soon as I hear Mom starts to relax and doze, I decide that I forgot to bathe myself.  Now it is time to sleep so I go over to Mom’s right side and turn around several times before I drop heavily down beside her with my head on her hip.  I fall right to sleep because 6 AM will arrive soon.

~ Written by guest blogger and North Wales pet sitting professional Mary Ann!

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