Cat Sitter Hatfield PAA day in the life of my sweet, hungry kitty:

5:30am – I’m up! It’s a brand new day and that means BREAKFAST! Let me go check my bowl!

6:00am – My bowl is empty! I’m starving! I’m going to wake up Mom!

6:01am – I keep walking all over her, but shes not moving. I know – I’ll start knocking things off of the nightstand! Whoops- there goes her phone! Ha- here goes the tissue box! Bam – there goes her glasses!

6:05am – Thank goodness! Shes up and feeding me! She seems a bit annoyed, I’m not sure why….Wait – this isn’t enough food! I asked for an ‘all you can eat buffet’!!

6:15am – I’m pretty full, I had a drink of water and did my “business”. Now its time for a bath and a nap! Sleep….sleep…sleep

12:00pm – Ohh a mouse! I love chasing it! I walk around the house holding it in my mouth and screaming to let everyone know what I caught! Too bad its not a real mouse!

12:05pm – Now I’m exhausted. Time for another nap.

4:00pm – Why isn’t Mom home yet? I’m starving! I feel like I haven’t eaten in days!

5:00pm – She’s home! Wait – she’s not racing to my food bowl to feed me? What’s going on here?? Doesnt she know I’m starving??!

5:01pm – I’ll knock everything off the kitchen counter to show her how hungry I am! Bang! Crash! Boom!

5:03pm – Mmmm! Delicious food! I better keep my sister away or she might eat my food!

5:05pm – All done! Now its time for a nap!

7:00pm – Playtime! Why didn’t we do this all day?! I love racing after this mouse! 

8:00pm – I have to find Mom! I’ll push the dog out of the way so I can sleep on Mom’s lap for the rest of the evening…  

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