Pet Sitter in Lansdale PASummer brings sunny days to enjoy more time outside with your furry friend!  But just like we have to be careful of heat stroke, we need to watch out for dehydration and heat stroke in our pets as well.  Heat stroke can happen very fast and is life-threatening.  It is better to exercise with our dogs in the evening or early morning during the hottest part of the summer.  Watch the heat index not the temperature to tell you how hot it really feels.  Boxers, Bulldogs and Pugs are very prone to dehydration and heat stroke. The shape of their nose and muzzle make it very difficult to breath in the heat. As your local Lansdale dog walker, I walk several of these breeds on a daily basis and must be very careful not to over-expose them to heat! 

Watch for these symptoms:

1. Heavy/labored breathing – increased rate

2. Dark red or bright pink gums or tongue

3. Drooling excessively along with thick saliva

4. Stumbling, lying down/ being unable to get up

5. Vomiting

6. Seizures/loss of consciousness

If you see the above signs, get your pet into a cool area, place a wet towel on pets head, feet and groin. You could also spray them with cool, (not icy) water. Contact your veterinarian immediately.

Obviously – NEVER leave a pet in a car on warm days since the temperature in a car rises quickly!

Prevention:  always have available clean water and moist canned food helps hydrate. Keep your pet inside during hot days!

~ By Guest Blogger and Lansdale Pet Sitting Expert, Mary Ann!

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