As your Lansdale pet sitter and fellow cat lover, I have met a lot of cats! Often pet owners ask me if I think they should lansdale pet sittertake the cat to the groomer. Kitties often do not enjoy leaving their home or getting into their cat carrier. Most cats seem to dislike water, and especially being bathed! So is grooming your kitty necessary? Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Does your cat groom itself? Some cats do not have the natural inclination to groom themselves. Some kitties are a bit overweight and find it difficult to groom their backs. If your favorite feline is a not a fan of grooming themselves, and they are looking a bit shaggy, you may want to consider finding a local groomer.
  • Can you and your cat get by with a brush and kitty wipes? Your local pet supply store sells pre-moistened kitty wipes and cat grooming brushes. These will often work well on most kitties and allow you to keep grooming to a minimum within your own home.
  • Does your cat have long hair and is it hot outside? My big cat, Monty has very long hair. Every summer we get him the “lion cut”. He looks a little silly but seems to enjoy the freedom without all that hair weighing him down! It also helps cut back on all of the hairballs!

In summary, most kitties do not need to visit the groomer. You can always consult with your Veterinarian to see what is best for your cat. Our cat doesn’t love his yearly trip to the groomer but within a day he seems to have forgotten!

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