Lansdale dog walkerWhen Bear, our first maltipom puppy, was brought home, we knew to expect some issues due to his breed mix. One of which was the knowledge he would get weeping eyes. What we did not expect was how badly he would get them! Bear’s eyes were always red and wet, leaving behind gunk and staining his fur. We felt so bad for him, and tried lots of ways to help alleviate his symptoms. We tried giving him more baths, getting special wipes, and even at one point were considering getting him medication to help because nothing seemed to be working.

Then one day we went to the pet store to look for any other alternatives we might have missed. We were lucky to have brought Bear with us that day, as it caught the eye of a store clerk. He came over to help, and we explained our situation. He answered by asking us one question, “Does Bear chew on his feet?” We were shocked because we had noticed him doing that a lot, but being first time dog owners, just thought it was a habit he had picked up. The clerk explained he probably chewed on his feet because they were itchy. That symptom mixed with the weeping eyes could mean he has a wheat allergy. He recommended that we should switch him to wheat-free or grain-free food and see if that helps.

To our amazement, we noticed an improvement in just a few weeks! Bear no longer had problems with his eyes and he never touched his feet. With the help of wheat-free food and treats, Bear has been able to live a nice, happy life these past 6 years without any trouble from his allergy!

~ Written by guest blogger and Lansdale dog walker Anna J!

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