Hatfield PA Cat SittingMonty, my male kitty, was 5 when he had his first Urinary Tract Infection. He came into my bedroom, squatted to pee in the corner and started crying. I immediately called the Vet, not sure what was wrong with my boy. They had me rush him in and he was diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection. A cat’s UTI is very similar to a UTI in humans but can turn deadly very quickly. His UTI turned into a blockage and he was admitted for an overnight stay. The Vet explained how serious a blockage was – how quickly a cat can become deathly ill. Monty was out in 2 days and feeling much better!

Fast forward two weeks… Monty was blocked again and had another hospital stay. He came home on medication and a special prescription diet. Over the next 3 months, he was blocked 3 more times and it always occurred conveniently on weekends! It was horrid – so much stress for him and I, not to mention the astronomical Emergency Vet bills!

I made several changes around our house to help his urinary needs. I bought a cat water fountain. Water fountains are supposed to encourage kitties to drink more. I keep his litterboxes very clean. But the most important change of all was his diet. We tried the two main prescription dry foods and then tried the wet foods. He eats a can of wet Royal Canin SO (prescription food for urinary conditions) every single day. We’ve found that this food works the best for him. The food is very pricey but works well and is definitely cheaper than weekend stays at the Emergency Vet!

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