Over the past few years I have had many people ask me why we require daily visits for our kitty clients. I’ve also had several people explain that they can easily leave their kitty alone for several days with some extra food and water.

Cat Sitting in Hatfield PAThe reason a daily visit from a pet sitter is so important for kitties involves several factors. Some cats are big eaters and will eat all of the food put down for them within a few hours. This will leave your furry friend starving until the owner gets home or until the pet sitters next scheduled visit. Other kitties require a very clean litterbox and will get upset with days worth of excrement piling up. But the most important reason that kitties need daily visits is because a lot can happen in just a few days!

One of the scariest things to consider is that “blockage” a result of a urinary tract infection can result in death within 24 hours. From personal experience with one of my cats, I’ve seen how quickly a urinary tract infection can lead to blockage. Blocked kitties need immediate medical attention.

Kitties could also get into the trash or eat plants or other household objects that could be dangerous to them. Other kitties can play with toys and drop them into their water bowl. Some cats while playing will knock over their water dishes. Imagine if this happened during the first day you left them and you weren’t coming home for another two days!

Some examples from my daily pet sitting visits that made me thankful for encouraging daily visits:

  1. One set of precious kitties I care for had vomited in their water dish, leaving the water completely un-drinkable!
  2. Another set of sweet, playful boys often knock their water dishes over while playing.

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