When I think about what I would look for in a pet sitter a long list comes to mind…. I would only want to hire the most Pet-Sitter-Catprofessional and reliable pet care provider and I’m sure you would too! Finding a good pet sitter can be a difficult task, but I would love to help walk you through it! Below I will list some of the best ways to find that purrfect pet sitter!

1. Always search for a pet sitter that is bonded and insured. I cannot emphasize this enough! Liability Insurance can help protect both you and your home if something unfortunate were to happen (if the pet sitter accidentally left the back door open or your dog escapes during a walk). Bonding protects you if something is stolen from your home.

2. Check their references! Call or email a few of their current clients. Most pet sitting companies would be happy to supply a list of references if you ask.

3.  Meet the pet sitter! Have them over for a Meet & Greet! Ask them about how they would care for your pets. Ask them what they would do in an emergency situation. Ask about their company and experience caring for pets.

4.  Check for other signs that they are running a reliable, trustworthy service! Look at their website, read their reviews, ask your Vet about them, look at business cards, logo, etc.

5. Watch how they interact with your pet! Are they excited to meet your pets? 

I am a pet owner myself and would only entrust my furbabies to the best! There are a lot of pet sitters out there and it can be difficult finding and choosing the one thats right for you! Here at PURRfect Pet Companion we strive to exceed your expectations!

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