Hollywood & Stevie

Your local Hatfield Pet Sitter’s “Pets of the Month” for November 2014 are Hollywood and Stevie! Hollywood and Stevie are two wonderful kitties that we have the pleasure of caring for! We have kitty-sat them for years and are so thankful to know them!

Hollywood is a very loving, attention-seeking furbaby.  Hollywood follows us, like our little shadow, all around the house.  Hollywood’s favorite time is playtime!

Hollywood Posing!

Hollywood Posing!

She enjoys her automated ‘Cats Meow’ toy and absolutely loves wand toys. She would chase after them all day if she could! 

Her name is very fitting…she poses for her photo shoots!  Hollywood also really likes being brushed, as any glamour kitty would! She purrs up a storm while you brush her luxurious fur coat into the proper style! Hollywood also wants lots of petting and love and rewards you with her sweet purrs.



Stevie is a beautiful shy kitty. He is a bit nervous of everyone except his Mom and Dad. Stevie is very proficient in finding clever hiding spots. Under the bed, in the closet, or in the box springs of the bed are his favorite locations! He enjoys listening to us as we talk to him and watching his sister Hollywood play with toys!

We are so happy to be able to care for these sweet, adorable kitties! 


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