As your local Hatfield dog walker, I have seen a lot of different dog foods over the years! Gone are the days when pet owner blindly gave Fido whatever was cheapest at the grocery store! Now there are TONS of options for feeding your furry companion. If you are considering upgrading dog food, there are a number of questions your should ask yourself.

1. Why am I upgrading? Are you upgrading food because your dog has developed an allergy? Because your dog is overweight? Or do just want to feed your dog a better, healthier food? 

2. What is my budget? This will rule out a lot of options. While you can find excellent dog food at almost any price point, certain foods (like a store-bought raw diet) will be out of the question unless you have a lot of money budgeted. 

3. Is convenience a factor? Wet food or homemade raw diets will certainly take more time and preparation. Dry food is very easy to scoop out and serve but isn’t always the best option for every dog. 

Once you know the answer to these questions, you will have a starting point to go from.  The next place you should go is “Dog Food Advisor“. There you will find all food (dry food, wet food, raw food) rated by stars based on numerous factors. Dog Food Advisor is known as the top source to find great food ideas for your dog! It compares the ingredients, if there are any controversial ingredients, number of recalls, etc about each food brand. If you are looking for a 4 or 5 star food, you will find lots of options at all different price points! 

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