lansdale cat sittingEvery cat owner knows the struggle …. hairballs! Unless you are somehow fortunate enough to have a kitty that doesn’t vomit up hairballs, you’ve probably cleaned these up many times. We’ve all heard the disgusting coughing and wretching sounds that our furry friends make just before expelling a ball of fur. It sounds awful and painful, and cannot be fun for the kitty. I’ve often had the pleasure of accidentally stepping into a pile of hairball mess first thing in the morning.

Most kitties enjoy grooming themselves every day. In the process of grooming (just like brushing your own hair) some hairs will come out. Kitties often accidentally swallow these hairs. Some hairs pass through the digestive system with no problem but most of them collect into something resembling a cigar. This “cigar” is then vomited back up. Generally the hairball will be a similar color to your kitty’s hair color. I have 2 orange cats, so every hairball is a nice orange color, blegh!

In order to prevent myself from continually stepping into these landmines, I have tried many “hairball preventions”. While I will not change what I feed my cats for their meals, I am willing to add any supplements, treats, etc to their routine. By far, the best hairball remedy that I have found is hairball gel. Many brands make different variations and flavors of this stuff but it all pretty much does the same thing. Supposedly it coats the hair in the kitty’s digestive system and helps it pass the rest of the way!

These gels are relatively inexpensive. They are also quite easy to administer. I simply squirt a bit on my finger and my cats lick it off! Here are the 2 best ones that I’ve found:

  1. Tomlyn Laxatone
  2. Sentry HC Petromalt

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