Dog Walker LansdaleThe idea of losing your pet is unthinkable, but it can happen!  There are many different ways this could happen:  a dog could escape their fenced in yard; your dog or cat could slip out of the house when a door or window is accidentally left open or a natural disaster could separate you from your pet.

There are several steps you can take to help prevent your furry friend from getting lost!

1. Keep cats indoors and always walk your dog on a leash.
2. Spay and neuter your pet.  Its been shown that neutered pets are much less likely to roam.
3. Collar with ID tag – should have pet’s name, address, your home and cell number.
4. Microchip your pet – this is a permanent ID.  It is placed under the pet’s skin with a hypodermic needle by your veterinarian.  It is a tiny computer chip, that has a  ID number.

This number is registered with the microchip company and it has all your contact information.  So if a shelter or vet finds your pet they will pass a scanner over your pet’s skin and it will read the ID number.  This then will be used to search an online microchip company’s registry, where your contact information will be found. You do need to update your information with the microchip company if any changes in your address or phone numbers. 

Its always a good idea to have a current photo of your pet.   It can be used on poster and flyers if your pet is lost!

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