Summer is almost here and for many people that means road trips and vacations!  If your summer trips include your family dog, there are some travel tips to remember to keep your furry friend safe!

North wales pet sitterThe safest way to travel with Fido is to use a dog harness / dog seat belt in the back seat.  Never allow your dog to be in your lap or in the front seat.  Your dog can not only distract you while driving but also be propelled through front window if the car comes to a sudden stop.

Since dogs can wander off and get lost on trips, make sure you have a collar with an ID tag attached.  Micro-chipping your dog is the safest  and most effective identification.

It is also dangerous to allow your dog to hang its head out of the car window. Debris can fly into their eyes. Car exhaust fumes are being drawn into their lungs with each breath.

When taking long car rides, people often bring their favorite drinks and snacks for the trip. Don’t forget your dog! He also needs water to drink –  bring a water bottle and a bowl. Traveling in a car seems to make a dog pant more than usual.  This can cause dehydration.

Summer fun can and should include your furbaby… just be safe!  ~ Written by guest blogger and North Wales pet sitter Mary Ann W!

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