North Wales cat sitterIf you are just adopting a cat for the first time, you may be presented with a lot of choices. What type of food will they eat? Water bowl or water fountain? The list goes on and on. As your local North Wales cat sitter, I can tell you that choosing a litter type and brand for the litter box can be difficult!

I think the first question you should ask yourself is: does my cat have allergies or respiratory problems? If so, you will probably need to go with a non-clumping, non-clay based litter – like pine pellets or newspaper pellets. These type of pellets generally do not aggravate allergies or respiratory issues. However, on the down side – they do not control odor very well and you cannot scoop out the urine.

If your cat doesn’t have allergies or respiratory problems you may want to choose a clay litter. Clay litter comes in both clumping and non-clumping forms. To this day, I still can’t present an argument as to why anyone would want non-clumping clay litter… As far as clay litters go – you may need to do a bit of trial and error. Choosing non-scented is probably best as kitties don’t love fake perfume scents. You must also figure out what things you care about most in a litter. Do you prefer a litter that isn’t tracked all over your home? Do you prefer one that controls the pet waste odor well? Do you like a litter that doesn’t “look” used and gross after a week? Do you hate litter that is very dusty? Its often difficult to find all of these things in one type of litter – so choosing what is most important to you is best! 

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