Lansdale pet sitterAs a Lansdale pet sitter and cat lover, I have encountered my share of overweight kitties. It seems that a lot of indoor cats struggle with weight issues, including my own. At one point in his life, my cat Monty was up to 20lbs! He’s a big eater and always seems to be hungry! Over the years he has slowly lost the extra weight and is now a healthy 10lbs. Cats are a lot like humans, if they are lethargic, eat a lot and love their treats, they will be overweight in no time. Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your favorite feline will maintain the purrfect weight!

  • Play with your kitty! All kitties, even the laziest of cats, need daily playtime. Some cats will play on their own and others need a bit of encouragement. A laser pointer or feathery wand toy seem to motivate even the laziest of kitties to run, jump and play!
  • Cut back on treats! Almost every kitty I’ve met absolutely loves treats! Who can blame them? Its difficult for us to turn down a delicious cookie! Most cats do not need treats at all. Its basically akin to giving your cat junk food. I would limit treat intake to one or two treats daily.
  • Make sure you are feeding your cat the right amount of food! Do you leave a full bowl of dry food out for Fluffy to graze on all day? This could be the biggest culprit of weight gain. Try limiting your cat to two meals a day and not overdoing it. Consult with your Veterinarian on how much food Fluffy actually needs each day. You might be surprised – its probably less than you think!

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