Just like humans, pets can get stressed! As your local Lansdale Pet Sitters, we have learned to identify signs of stress in pets. Your normally friendly, easy going companion can become stressed, nervous or even shy.  Strangers, parties or all of the unexpected commotion created during holidays can cause stress. Combining all three of these stressors can sometimes be too much for our pets to handle!

Here a list of actions to watch for:19446 Pet Sitting

  •                Cowering, shying away or hiding
  •                Drooling or panting
  •                Pacing or jumping
  •                Whining or excessive barking
  •                Fur on his back goes up
  •               Growling   (Do not yell at or punish your pet for growling! This is a warning -he is unhappy/uncomfortable!  Listen to him and act!)

Most important sign:  your dog freezes/becomes very still and is staring at someone. He is possibly getting ready to bite.  The person he’s staring at is his target.  Distract him!  DO NOT yell at him.  Quietly remove him to another room

Always be alert and responsive to your furbaby for his and your guests safety! Just like with our human children, we cannot ignore the signs of stress in our furry children!

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