Lansdale Dog WalkerIf you read our last article, you heard me (your local Lansdale dog walker) talk at length about how great canned pumpkin is for our dogs. Pumpkin is a powerhouse of nutrition and can help with a lot of issues your pup might be facing. Dogs with sensitive stomachs can especially benefit from the fiber in pumpkin. The fatty acids in pumpkin can help your dog with dry skin or a lackluster coat. Pups with anal gland issues can benefit from pumpkin in their diet. Obese dogs can decrease the amount of kibble they eat if pumpkin is mixed with their food because of the high fiber.  

You might be asking, how can I give my dog more pumpkin? Well, there are a lot of ways!

1. Feed your pup canned Pumpkin right from a spoon! My dog happily gobbles her pumpkin helping off the spoon.

2. Mix a spoonful in with your dog’s dry kibble! If your dog isn’t too interested in their food because of the taste, adding pumpkin can persuade them to eat! Or, the fiber in a helping of pumpkin can help fill up the tummies of overweight dogs and help them eat less!

3. Bake pumpkin into homemade treats! If you simply google search “Homemade dog treats recipes + pumpkin” you will find a ton of easy recipes for dog treats! You can simply bake these at home and save yourself a trip to the pet store. Another benefit of making treats at home is they will be preservative-free and you will know every ingredient going into them!

4. Freeze pumpkin in a Kong! You can put some pumpkin into your dog’s Kong or other chew toy and freeze it! Freezing it eliminates the mess all over your rug when your dog licks it!

5. Freeze pumpkin into ice cubes! A lot of dogs love ice cubes! This can be a fun way to help your dog beat the summer heat!

There are numerous ways you can help get Fido his daily helping of pumpkin! Change it up each day to give your pup a real treat! 

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