RECALLOC Raw Dog Food has announced a recall on September 25, 2015.  They are voluntarily recalling about 640 lbs of “Chicken, Fish & Produce” Raw Frozen dog food. It has possibly been contaminated with salmonella.

In Pennsylvania, Colorado and Vermont the following products have been recalled: the 3 lb. “Meaty Rox” with Lot Number 1819 and “use by” date of 5/5/2016, the 4lb “Doggie Sliders”, and the 6.5 lb. “Doggie Dozen Patties”.

If you feel you may have purchased this food, take it to the store you purchased it at for a return! Or simply throw it out. 

We thank the “Dog Food Advisor” for always being up to date on the latest recalls and pet food information. Please check them out here:

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