Dog Walking 19446If you have a dog with a sensitive stomach, you probably have already heard of the benefits of pumpkin! Pumpkin is an amazing, healthy, nutritious food that can easily be added to your dog’s diet! 

While raw pumpkin is not recommended for pets, canned pumpkin is great for your pup! Its sold in all grocery stores and is relatively inexpensive. Just be sure to be 100% Pumpkin and not the Pumpkin Pie Filling or sweetened pumpkin!

I started feeding my dog pumpkin about a year ago. My dog Alley has relentless anal gland issues. If you’ve ever had a dog with anal gland issues, you know how gross it can become! The addition of a daily helping of pumpkin in her diet has greatly reduced Alley’s anal gland problems!

Pumpkin can also help with:

  • Digestion! Pumpkin is a great source of fiber. Adding natural, healthy fiber to your pup’s diet can help with both diarrhea or constipation!
  • Skin and Coat! Pumpkin is high in fatty acids which can help your furbabies dry skin and fur!
  • Weight Management! The fiber in pumpkin makes your dog feel “full”. So giving your dog pumpkin as a treat instead of high calorie biscuits is a great idea. Or you can mix pumpkin in with your pup’s dry kibble and slightly decrease how much they are eating!

There are so many benefits to feeding your dog pumpkin, I cannot possibly list them all here! I would definitely recommend giving pumpkin a try if your dog has any digestive issues! Pumpkin has helped my own dog so much!

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